Salts Massage
Eyebrow Treatment


2-3hrs  $550

Owner -

Crystal-Jae is a highly qualified Dermal Clinician with over 20 years industry experience. Her knowledge on wound healing, skin response and colour technology is second to none.

You can feel confident being in the hands of a skilled professional when it comes to your brows.

Price is all inclusive below:
Please allow 2.5-3hrs for your first visit, this is where a thorough consultation will be examined to customise your brow shape.
Follow up treatment appointment performed 6 weeks post your first initial visit. (this is a MUST) 
Colour matching & after care treatment with required information to maintain your brows.  
A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required for all bookings including touch up appointments. 

Touch Up | 13-18 months - $300
Touch Up | 18-24 months - $400

What to expect?
Straight after tattooing the treatment area will look 20-30% darker than the pigment chosen, this will fade within 7-10 days after the procedure during the healing phase up to 40%.

Full post care pack and instructions are given after every appointment.