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 Founder CEO and Dermal Clinician

"My journey during my career has been filled with

amazing opportunities that I’ve always grabbed and

run with. My strongest belief in life is “You are the

author of your life, if changes are needed make them”
That mantra has lead me to experience a fulfilling

career that has span over 23 years. 
My first introduction to beauty was career week in

year 10 and from them I was hooked. That lead to an

early exit from school and straight into a International

Diploma in Health and Beauty. 
I graduated with excellence and worked for a lady in a

tiny salon in my home town. The opportunity arose to

buy the business and so at 19 I jumped at the chance! 
From there I further expanded, opening one of the first 3 Hydrotherapy Day Spa in New Zealand. From a one man band to 15 staff was definitely an eye opener. I also had three young babies by then too! 
Over the next 15 years I completed a double degree in Health Science and Bio Medicine, a further 8 diplomas in Natural and Herbal Medicine, Aromatherapy, Health and Fitness, Crystal and Energy Healing, Vitamins and Minerals, Reki, Life Coaching and Business and Spa Management. 
I was lucky enough to spend time formulating product in laboratories for major cosmetic houses with a world renowned Doctor and Cosmetic Scientist. 
Spending time with a team of 30 in one of the top salons in the wthere that I learnt business and leadership skills that have framed my foundations for Her. Skin Spa today. I learnt the true meaning of excellence in service both in a
My passion has always been skin but even more so now my passion is connecting with women on all levels. Nurturing them, helping them to understand their bodies, their skin and the connection of the two. 
I feel so truly blessed to work with my passion, to inspire and encourage others to grow and to love themselves inside and out. What really brings me happiness is seeing others thrive. That’s the ultimate."



Salon Manager & PA to the Director

Enjoy a welcome on arrival from Olivia,

who will assist you on arrival and to

rebook your appointments. We are

humbled to have her presence with us

here at Her Skin Spa!

If you have any additional enquiries or

need to leave us a message, Olivia is

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Dermal Clinician

"I have been working in the beauty industry

for 13 years, starting at a beautiful day spa on

Phillip Island. 
I furthered my study and completed a Bachelor

of Health Science (Dermal Therapy). I have

practised as a Dermal Clinician for seven years

and love what I do. 
I am results driven, hence my passion for peels.

I feel privileged to be trusted with my clients skin

and achieve a change together that goes further

than skin deep. 
Outside of work my life evolves around my family

and friends, where my days are very fulfilled with

laughter and love."



Senior Therapist

“I was naturally lead into the beauty industry once

I realised I had a passion for providing a nurturing

environment and making people feel better and

more confident within them self. I now have 11

years of work experience in various aspects of my

industry from spa and relaxation treatments, Reiki,

to specialising in eyebrows and waxing, as well as

results driven facials and skin knowledge. I adore

giving facials and is always my treatment of choice

when a client is feeling the need for a little self care.

I am always focusing on my clients and their needs

and ensuring even the smallest details are given the

upmost attention. When I’m away from the spa my

focus shifts to my two children who have been my

greatest teachers both personally and professionally.

You will usually finds us at the beach as a family and

enjoying the various surrounds of our wonderful Island. I welcome you to discover what our spa has to offer and I look forward to nurturing you - mind, body, and soul very soon”



Senior Therapist

I have been in the industry now for 17 years.

I first became passionate about beauty when I

moved to Melbourne and was always being the

model for a friend who was studying. I jumped

straight into a course at Elly Lukas and then

landed a trainee spot within a week at a big

salon in the city, Skin Deep. I had such

encouraging work colleagues who had me

practicing and doing everything on them so I

become quite capable at hands on treatments

very fast. After finishing my diploma I then went

on to manage salons for 2 years. Ready to

spread my wings I then started up my own small

salon in a high rise on Collins st. I was there for

8 years before starting a family and moving to

the coast. Having a few years off I’m now back

at it, loving it more than ever and learning lots of new and exciting treatments, being back in a team environment is the best. 
I’m a bit of an all rounder but love doing facials and making skin glow radiantly! Hydrolux facials are my most favourite for results and with the dreamy head massage in there, it's heaven!


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Senior Therpist

I've been working in the beauty industry for about

12 years. I did a traineeship straight out of school

and have had the pleasure of working in a couple

of beautiful beauty salons on and off the island

before opening up my own successful home beauty

studio on Phillip Island. Although life changes and

new doors open which has lead me to Her skin spa

with a wonderful team of therapists. I was always

drawn to the industry because I love making woman

feel amazing inside and out.I have a passion for all

aspects of beauty from making people feel

completely relaxed during a facial to knowing that

those special treatments are sacred and your time

to zen out from the day to day of the busy lives we

live. I also have a love for lashes and Brows as these shape and frame our faces and a little self care in these areas makes all the difference! I am a total perfectionist when it comes to my work and ensure I give each and every client my total attention and time.